Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats - Meaty Steak


Does your four-legged furry friend like good steak?  What dog doesn't?  Give him a super tasty Blue Buffalo Dog Treats in a great Meaty Steak flavor with 100 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil are a favorite to help your beloved get the full benefit of one of natures great plants.  He'll feel much better for it.
  • A cannabinoid-rich, hemp oil extract

  • Calming and healthy treat
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed to support pet health & wellness

  • Can easily be added to your pet's daily health routine

Type: CBD Pet Treats
Brand: Blue Buffalo
Manufacturer: Tru Blue Hemp Company
Potency: 100MG Isolate CBD Extract
Flavor: Meaty Steak

🌿 Organic          ✅ Fast, Free Shipping!       🇺🇸 Made In USA

Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats - Meaty Steak

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